Busy bee

August 30, 2010

For the first time in years, life is super busy! I almost forgot that I do my best work when my life is full. When I don’t have time to procrastinate, I become much better at life in general. See, even right now I’m writing a post in the few hours I have between work and class, whereas if I hadn’t had class, i would likely be laying on my bed watching bad tv shows online. Although that does sound nice…..

I have a dear friend from high school visiting for a few days, and I once again get to use my visitors as an excuse to go back into tourist mode. We went to the north shore and saw some awesome seaturtles and a cute couple getting wedding photos taken. I got kinda sentimental with the wedding photos.

Unfortunately, wildlife and I didn’t do so well together that day. While peering over the edge of some slippery wet rocks info the ocean below (trying to see some seaturtles that were already on the beach behind me), I slipped, fell, and narrowly escaped losing my iPhone, my leather rainbows, and my own life, in the depths below. Thankfully my phone and sandals are safe, the skin on my knee being the only victim of my clumsiness.

Later that night, as my friend and I got ready for bed after our day of adventuring, a prehistoric sized cockroach flew into my room, and swarmed around my head (yes, I know that one cockroach can’t be a swarm, but it felt like one). Naturally, I ran from the room screaming, but not without tripping over my own feet and carpet-burning my already injured knee. Eventually I got it together enough to kill it with like half a can of raid.

I swear, I’m normally not a clutz.


One Response to “Busy bee”

  1. Shari said

    I love your honesty…. sounds like you are having lots of fun. Enjoy! HUZ

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