Taking a break from paradise

July 13, 2010

I know I’m extremely lucky to live in Hawaii…but lately I’ve found myself complaining too much and appreciating too little, so I think it’s the perfect time for me to return home for a week.

It’s been 8 months since I was last here, and I believe it may be the longest I’ve stayed away from home. It’s certainly the longest I’ve been away from my dog, but I’m relieved to say that he is treating me with as much love as ever. He didn’t forget me, he isn’t mad at me…it’s like as soon as I got home he forgot I had left. I love dogs.

The feeling of coming home after a long absence is wonderful. I’m appreciating the little things, like the familiar, unique sound of the shower turning on in the next room, the crunch of someone walking through the gravel outside, tractors making their way through the vineyard across the street. Somehow, spending the whole day lounging around my parents house doesn’t feel lazy and unproductive like it does in our apartment. Maybe it’s from all of the summers I spent reading at home, moving from the couch to the bed, to my parents bed, back to the couch…It’s perfectly acceptable to indulge in a lazy summer afternoon of doing nothing.

While I don’t have any desire to move back here, I really do wish Hawaii was closer to California. Sometimes I fell like most of the people who have moved to Hawaii are running away from something, but I have nothing to run from. I love my family and friends in California, and throughout the greater “mainland”, and I hate being so far away.

So while I’ve been here (with unlimited internet access!), I’ve been looking into schooling options. I found that at the University of Hawaii, they have a program that is perfect for people like me, i.e. those who have random bachelors degrees, but are now interested in the medical field. If you get accepted to this program, you do one really intense year of nursing school, after which you can take the exams to become an RN. Then, you’re automatically accepted into their Master’s program in nursing to become a Nurse Practitioner. It sounds pretty sweet to me.

The only problem is the price. The first year alone is $40,000. And that’s if I get Hawaii residency. On the other hand, I found the exact same program at CSU Long Beach, and it only costs $10,000 for the first year. I never wanted to live in Southern California, but it would be on the beach, and I’d be close to my sister, grandparents, and cousins…not to mention many friends who have moved down there.

I think I’ve decided to apply to both programs. I’ll let fate determine where I’ll live. I wouldn’t be starting either program until August 2011, so even if I did move back to Cali, it would be after a nice long period in Hawaii, almost two years.

For now, I’m at home-sweet-home. On Thursday I’ll return to paradise, hopefully with a greater appreciation for my nearly-perfect life there. Did I mention I was offered a full-time job at the hospital? Quit complaining, Erin. Life is great.


One Response to “Taking a break from paradise”

  1. Dad said

    Your a great writer sweetie… actually your just great period. Love you

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