It’s been a while…

May 22, 2010

Since moving to the new place in town, interenet access is limited. It sounds rediculous that I would have better internet access in the country than I do in the city… The owner of the apartment we’re in didn’t have internet, and since it’s temporary, we don’t want to invest in getting it. I’ve thought of getting one of those go-anywhere wireless plans, but I work to much to figure out which one to get!

It’s been great being so close to work. It’s just a 20 minute drive over the Pali Hwy. But now that I’m closer, I get called in to work ALL THE TIME. I’m not really complaining though, because I’ve been getting overtime, and It’s so nice to not stress over money for now. But I’m currently on day 4 of working 7 days in a row, so I might have a different opinion in  couple of days!

We hiked in Kahala valley last weekend, so here’s some pictures:

The Bunkers

Our first destination: Swimming hole

Destination 2: Rope swing

just before the flip

Flip's big spash!

Destination 3: The tree lounge

Destination....drop of water??


Peak-a-Boo Views

A bamboo forest...or is it a field?

One more cool plant...

After 6 hours of hiking, we finally make our way out of the wilderness!

 So there’s a photo update! Filippo is off hiking again today, and now I’m headed back to the hospital for hours 41-48 this week!

This post made possible by the awesome internet connection at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf!


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