Chapter II: Townies

April 30, 2010

Chapter one was a great chapter. I am going to miss the North Shore Yoga Coop, the Waialua Farmer’s Market, the friendly people at the Waialua Public Library, and our own private beach.

But I’m ready for this new chapter.

Our new place is acutally the same apartment we had planned on living in when before we got to Hawaii. A friend of a friend has an apartment he hardly uses, and he has agreed to let us live here at a discounted price for two months, while we look for the perfect place in the perfect location at the perfect price.

The apartment is at the base of the Diamond Head crater, in a very scenic area. The beach is just a couple of blocks away, and a large park separates us from Waikiki. It’s a second story corner apartment with lots of trees and greenery surrounding it. It’s a one bedroom, and we get to keep it all to ourselves, except for a shy cat who lives with us.

I’m anticipating that chapter two will involve lots of exploring the neighborhood, weeknight events in waikiki and honolulu, and more apartment searching. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Last night I found a book club and a cooking club to join, because when you live in a city you have access to these kinds of things! I’m so excited to have so much to do! Now I just need to find some dancing classes, a new farmer’s market, and yoga.

It’s going to be exciting!!!


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