My Sister Comes Today!!!

November 23, 2009

The party for our roommate’s six-year-old grandson was two days ago, and the place is still a mess. The bouncy houses finally were taken away last night, and the tent for the food was partly disassembled, but the path between the front porch and the kitchen is still filthy, and there’s stuff all over the yard (boogie boards, t-shirts, flip flops, trash). They left a big ice chest full of drinks, so I’ve been drinking soda to my heart’s content as my form of passive-aggressive revenge.

The mother of the six-year-old said she would be back yesterday morning to clean up, but I’m realizing that’s not going to happen. Since my sister is coming today (YAY!), I’m just going to clean it up myself. Oh well.

Oh, and did I mention their whole family is coming again for thanksgiving? At least I’ll have my family  here to run away to!!!

But I’m not all complaints. We went up to the Heiau two nights ago to watch the sunset. The Heiau is where the Hawaiian temple was above Waiamea  Bay. It was gorgeous. We could see the coastline all along the North Shore.

We just had my little camera, so this doesn’t do any of it justice. But you get the idea:


Last night we went to a friend’s house for a bbq, which was a blast. We’ve bbq’d with them 3 times now, and they always have really interesting people around.

Yesterday we went to the farmer’s market in Haleiwa, where we got some local cheese. They had some really great products there, and good prices too. It’s definitely a place to take the family when they come! The cheese we got is a curry-cranberry cream cheese, and we think it would be fun to have with crackers for thanksgiving. They also had amazing tropical floral arrangements for only $4, but we didn’t have much cash on us so we saved them for next time.

On Saturday we helped with the 5th Annual Da Hui North Shore Beach Clean-Up. Everybody arrives in the morning to get t-shirts, trash bags and gloves, then spreads out to clean the beach for a few hours, and when you come back they have food, music and prizes. So we got our dose of good karma.

That’s pretty much all we’ve been up to. It’s been fun, and we’re so lucky to be in this beautiful place! But for now, I have a house to clean!!!

Pro-Surfers and BBQs

November 20, 2009

I’m out sitting in the back yard with the laptop, catching up on my blog reading and watching the ocean. Then some pro surfer guy (Garret Mc Namara?) comes up behind me to check on the jet-ski he left on “our” beach last night.  They were practicing tow-ins with it yesterday. He was trying to decide if he could get it out of our little cove during the low tide or not. I think he was surprised I didn’t know who he was.

I spent the afternoon in Mililani, and was again surprised by how friendly everyone is. Even the shopkeepers and whatnot. When we registered our car at the police station the other day (they don’t have DMV here), we actually joked around and visited with the woman at the counter for a bit. I had a hard time believing that a government employee could be so friendly!

Still not much progress on the job search. I sent out a few more resumes to Hawaii Pacific Health, so hopefully one of those will get me somewhere.

In the meantime, we’re planning on having a little BBQ here on Monday. We’ve got our little charcoal grill, and we’re excited to show off our awesome view!

Welcome to Paradise

November 19, 2009

Just over a year ago I reluctantly left my vacation in Hawaii. I had never been a place with such an amazing spirit. I struggled to explain the feeling of peace and contentment to those who had never been to Hawaii. That feeling, of course, is Aloha, and anyone’s life is richer if they can experience it.

Today, shockingly, I find myself back on Oahu, sitting on my porch where the sound of the waves just barely overpowers the sound of Kamehameha Hwy. I never expected we would live right on the beach, but here we are!

We are renting a room in a fairly old red modular home. Lucky for us, the woman who lives here is on vacation for another few weeks, so we have the place all to ourselves. It’s basic, and a bit rustic, but it has everything we need. It’s not likely to be our long-term home, but it’s perfect for our time on the North Shore.

Life has been easy since I got here. I’ve casually been applying for jobs (unfortunately I lost my dedication to the job search the minute I got here). I’m hoping to hear back from a hospital in town about an entry-level position, but I’m mostly just enjoying the change of scenery.

Filippo and I have been zipping around the North Shore in our little ’89 Toyota Carolla station wagon. It’s the perfect car for this lifestyle. It’s low-key, low-maintenance, with an unbeatable price tag of $500. It’ll do just fine…at least until we get jobs.

We’ve found an amazing donation yoga co-op in Waialua, about 15 minutes away. You pay what you can, and the instructors have been great. We’re turning it into an every-other-day routine, and I just love it. It stretches and relaxes the muscles, and calms the mind and spirit.

While it’s been nice lounging about the past 4 days, we’re both starting to realize that finding jobs is quite urgent. Everything is more expensive here, and with rent to pay, our reserves may run out sooner than we had expected. It’s hard to get worked up and motivated to find a job here because of the relaxed atmosphere. But when it comes down to it, that relaxation is a blessing. There’s no reason for us to get worked up about finding jobs. Doors will open, and we just need to be aware enough to go through them. In the meantime, life could not be better!